Quiz on Facebook

Jenny had a quiz on her Facebook page. We listed all the questions, hints and answers for you.

You can earn points by answering questions right, finding the hidden answer (everyone who is posting the right link will receive a point) or getting bonus points. The first prize is a skype conversation with Jenny herself. BUT everyone who is taking part in this quiz will have the chance to win a signed copy of Jenny’s upcoming album, which is gonna be released October, 13th. Out of all participants one will be drawn, no matter how many questions have been answered and how many of them were right.

And the winner is:

There was a tie on my quiz so we have TWO winners that will have a Skype conversation with me. 🙂 I look forward to chatting with Gabriela Rojas and Sylvain Hirigoyen. You will be contacted soon to set up our talk. Thank you to all who played!

Quiz Question #10:

The last ‚quiz’…Which of the songs of my new album was written in Nashville?

A. Dying to Stay Alive

B. Beat of My Heart

C. Going Home

D. Natural Superstar

The answer to Quiz Question #10 has now been hidden…

Hint: I love music. At four, the first to my left out of two has the answer. 🙂

The answer is C: Going Home

Quiz Question #9:

Which of the following songs will be on my upcoming album, My Story?

A. „Give Me the Faith“

B. „The Sky Proclaims Your Glory“

C. „All That She Wants“

D. „Beautiful Life“

The answer to quiz question #9 has been hidden. 🙂

Hint: Where is 64.7366-18.5449?

Hint 2: Out of 52 there is four of each. But I only got three out of one. The lost one is at

Hint 3: Quizanswer #9 is hidden at: (Hangingman) A__ ____ND.__ 🙂

Answer:  http://www.aceisland.de/multimedia/interviews/helsinki/interview_helsinki.htm

The answer is A: Give Me The Faith

Thank you to Jessi and Anja for hiding the answer to Question #9 on their web site at http://www.aceisland.de/ and congrats to Geoffrey Hunt for being the first to find the answer.

Quiz Question #8:

Who of the following does the backing vocals in my new single, Gotta Go?

A. Staffan Birgersson, falsetto and in a normal voice, as he did in Here I Am

B. Jakob Petrén, falsetto and in a normal voice

C. Terese Fredenwall

D. All vocals are done by me in Gotta Go

The answer to Question #8 has been hidden…;)

Answer: http://www.acerdom.de/jenny.php

The answer is C: Terese Fredenwall.

Thank you to Dirk for hiding my answer to Quiz Question #8 on his web site at http://www.aceofbase.de/ and congrats to Anja Mummhardt for being the first to find the answer.

Quiz Question #7:

What did Rickard name the character (in the following picture) for my Here I am music video?

A. Giddy Girl

B. Chain Girl

C. Eyelash Girl

D. Magazine Girl

The answer to Quiz Question #7 has been hidden….

Hint: I’m in a bubble of Love:) I’m waiting at my hotel in the restaurant in the lobby for my dear friends. Reading a magazine about MAGGAN:)

Hint 2: The last sentence of my last post was a hint for where the answer is hidden 😉

Answer: http://magdalenagraaf.se/jenny-berggrens-forsta-blogginlagg/

The answer is D.

Thank you to Magdalena (Maggan) for hiding the answer to my Quiz Question #7 on her blog at http://www.magdalenagraaf.se/ and congrats to Alexander Johansson for being the first person to find the answer…AGAIN! 🙂 The answer to Quiz Question #8 will be placed soon.

Quiz Question #6:

When we record a music video shoot we either slow down or speed up the music and later sync the video up to the actual song. Was the following character recorded at a slower or faster pace, or both?

The answer to Quiz Question #6 has been hidden. Good luck! 🙂

Answer: http://www.jakobpetren.com/jakob/Quiz_number_6.html

Congrats to Anja Mummhardt for being the first to find the answer to Question #6. Thank you to Jakob for hiding my answer on his web site at www.jakobpetren.com

The answer is slower.

Quiz Bonus Question!!!

(24 hours to respond to get a point) List the order in which the Here I Am music video characters were filmed. Use the letters in the following image to list them…Good luck!

Answer to Quiz Bonus Question: B,H,C,A,E,D,G,F

The correct answer to the Bonus Quiz Question was B,H,C,A,E,D,G,F. Way to go Anja Mummhardt for getting it right! Gabriels Rojas, congrats to you too for getting it right, but the Winner is Anja. I tell you more tomorrow. Love to you all

Quiz Question #5:

From the following image, which one of the looks in the Here I am video did I feel most skeptical to do and why?

Photo A. Because I didn’t feel comfortable acting silly in front of the camera.

Photo B. Because I thought I looked like a dead person.

Photo C. Because the fringe hid my eyes & they are very much how I express myself in my acting.

Photo D. Because I don’t want people to think of me as someone who thinks I’m above anyone.

The answer to Question #5 has been placed. Good luck!

Hint: I sit up and listen to the sound if silence. I think of the days when I played Musical chairs and Simon says. I just realize life is as good now…

Answer: http://www.sthlmsoundfacility.com

Congratulations Michal‚ Wroclaw for being the first to find the answer to Quiz Question #5 and thank Simon for hiding the answer on http://www.sthlmsoundfacility.com You are perfect as always!

Answer to Question #5:

I was most skeptical to the Tulip doll (Photo B). I said that they could style me any way they wanted and I would say stop when I felt the need. This character was playing far too much on the dark side, I thought. The tulip doll was the last thing we recorded for the Here I Am video. I
said no. But then I started to listen to the ideas around it. They were very interesting and I left it to Rickard and Eva to answer. I changed my mind. But then, when I later went in on the shooting scene, I turned the performance into the character of the things that were badly broken in my self-esteem with Ace of Base and even the things frozen to death by horror for what this business has put me through. I realized that the video would not be a complete Here I Am!-statement if I never gave up my inner fears for this business and making music at this level. I cried as I performed these parts. It is a Here I Am with all my fears.
I’m here for you.

Quiz Question #4 (24 hours to respond):

In the following picture, which person has been touched up with Photoshop?

A. Rickard Engfors (far left in the mirror)

B. Tomas Gunnarsson (middle)

C. Me

D. No one has been photoshopped.

Hint: what’s the name of the third pole? 🙂

Answer: http://www.aceofbase.pl/bio/profile/prof_jenny.html

Congrats to Sara West for being the first to find the answer to Question #4. Thank you to Michal and Krzysiek of http://www.aceofbase.pl/ for hiding the answer for me. Very nice:)

The answer was B. Tomas Gunnarsson, and YES this IS the original photo!

Tomas is a man of miracles. This very handsome young man has along the way managed to get his belly very far away from his body. Very. As I said; a man of miracles. He does them every day but this belly was a rare catch for our photographer. She is a miracleworker as well. I guess all in my team is, Gods miracles, else they would never put up with me:) Michal and Krzysiek of http://www.aceofbase.pl/ thank you 4 being a great hider today:) /Jenny

Quiz Question #3:

…Another one of these.. When we record a music video, we either record it at a faster or slower speed and then sync it up to the song. Was the following character („The Queen of Confusion“) originally filmed at a slower or faster pace, or both?

The answer to Question #3 has been placed…:)

Hint 1 for the quiz: Haaaaaaave youuuuuu heaaaaaaaaaaard? Question for the englishspeaking talanted persons out there: do you write heeeeeeeard or heaaaaaaaard?

Hint 2: Where does the kiwibird live?

Answer: http://www.ultimateaceofbase.com/misc/lyrics/the-bridge-1995/ravine

Congrats to Alexander Johansson for being the first to find the answer. Thank you to Geoff from New Zealand for hiding the answer for me on http://www.ultimateaceofbase.com/ . Please, don’t forget to post the link on here in order to get your point. It’s an easy way to score! I have been in love with the bird that can’…t fly forever. It looks like a kiwi.

Answer to Jenny’s Quiz Question #3

Slower speed. But I was feeling so ladylike that I just fell into my character. Slowly I rose my hand to greet the humble gentleman behind the camera: Robert. Slowly I gracefully looked out over the studio of tremendous size and very respectfully I glanced at Rickard screaming Greeeeat!, Whoooow! and other interjections expressing severe joy. See I fall into my character again in no time just talking about slow I am a true queen of confusion with no land anymore But a great neighbor in dignified Geoff of UltimateAceofBase:).


Quiz Question #2:

Why was I wearing a witches hat on the taxi ride to the Here I Am video shoot?

A. It was in Rickard Engfors‘ accessory box and I felt like wearing it.

B. Rickard stuck it on me before the picture, just to make you guys wonder when he posted it on his blog.

C. It was originally part of the video, but after reviewing the footage, it was cut out of the final music video.

D. It was raining and I didn’t want to ruin Eva Petrén’s work on my hair.

The answer to Question #2 has been posted…good luck!

Hint 1: It has threads… Don’t get bored, keep on looking:)

Hint 2: Why don’t you guys go to my forum and see if you can find the answer… Love:)

Hint 3: I like what Stan did to my Zebradress…

Answer: http://www.aceboards.com/index.php?showtopic=8624&view=findpost&p=180836

Congrats to Ana Costa for being the first one to find the answer. Thank you to AceBoards.com for hiding my answer. (Nice hiding, Stan…) The new question will come soon and the updated scores will be posted in my Notes. Beware…:)

Answer to Jenny’s Quiz Question #2

It’s D. I didn’t have an umbrella or Rihanna nearby to lend me hers. Thank you Emil:)


Question #1:

Here is a behind the scenes photo from my „Here I Am“ music video. What is Tomas doing in the blocked out square? Is he…

A. Painting my nails

B. Handing me a glass of wine

C. Adjusting some bracelets on my wrist

D. Putting a ring on my finger

The answer for question #1 has been placed. Good luck!

Answer: http://www.jennyberggren.net/multimedia/2010/radioknoxville/radioknoxville.htm

Congrats to Elsa Reyes Samanamud for finding the answer to my Quiz Question #1!:) and thank you to www.jennyberggren.net for hiding my answer! The scores will be added shortly and posted. Here was the answer for those of you who did not see it:

The answer is B. I am getting a glass of wine, however I didn’t drink it. It… was just one of those nice things these guys usually do. I really felt like a princess! And acting the queen of confusion is something I have done for quite some time now 🙂 I didn’t need wine for that.:)

Question #2 to follow..

Testrun Question:

When we record a music video, we actually record footage at a slower or faster speed. In my music video Here I Am, was the footage used for the following character shot at a slower or faster speed, or both? Good luck, and try not to imagine how crazy I must have looked recording things this way. It might get you off focus:)

The answer to the testrun question has now been posted. Don’t forget to post the where you find the answer back on this posting here. Happy hunting…:)

Answer: http://www.myspace.com/jennyberggren  The answer is slower

Yiiihaaah! Congratulations to Aaryn Schlosser for being the first to find the answer to my quiz’s testrun question. The results from the testrun and the first official question to come in minutes… Let’s have some fun through it all:)