Multimedia – Kinnarp 2010

Kinnarp, Sweden – concert with Jakob Petrén and Greger Siljebo

Date: 2010/12/18

Files by The Jenny Source (The photos, audio- and videofiles taken by The Jenny Source members belong to this site. It is not allowed to put those on another website without permission.)

Air Of Love
Audio WMA 4,02 MB / Video WMV 34,2 MB

I Bethlehem
Video WMV 82,7 MB

Jul, Jul, Strålande Jul
Video WMV 54,7 MB

Joy To The World
Video WMV 31,7 MB

Long December Night
Audio WMA 3,24 MB / Video  WMV 27,6 MB

Mary’s Boy Child
Video WMV 39,0 MB

Video WMV 27,8 MB

Så Alldeles Stilla
Video WMV 35,3 MB

Stilla Natt
Video WMV 36,9 MB

Christmas Message by Jenny 2010
Video WMV 8,0 MB