Multimedia – Hunnebostrand 2004

Hunnebostrand, Sweden – concert with  Jakob Petrén and Daniel Petrén

Date: 2004/07/30

pictures by The Jenny Source, Najs, Nemo and Rudy / audio and videofiles by The Jenny Source (the files belong to their respective owner, so please do not use them without the owner’s permission)


Aldrig Ensam
Audio MP3 3,21 MB / Video MPEG 68,4 MB

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Audio  MP3 2,95 MB  Video MPEG 59,0 MB

Can It Be
Audio MP3 2,43 MB  Video  MPEG 52,8 MB

Everywhere We Go
Audio MP3 2,81 MB Video MPEG 42,7 MB

För Dem Som Vandrar I Mörkret
Audio MP3 2,96 MB  Video MPEG 88,4 MB

Give Me The Faith
Audio MP3 2,61 MB Video MPEG 52,4 MB

If You’d Ever Change Your Mind
Audio MP3 2,19 MB

Keep My Heart
Audio MP3 2,07 MB Video MPEG 60,4 MB

Life Is A Flower
Audio MP3 1,66 MB

Min Kärlek
Audio MP3 1,71 MB

När Löven Faller
Audio MP3 2,18 MB

Underbart Är Kort
Audio MP3 1,18 MB

Audio MP3 1.26 MB Video MPEG 35,7 MB

Dubbla Alvedon Special
Audio MP3 0,41 MB