Multimedia – Alingsås 1999

Alingsås, Sweden- concert with Eja

Date: 1999/08/15

Files by The Jenny Source (The photos, audio- and videofiles taken by The Jenny Source members belong to this site. It is not allowed to put those on another website without permission.)


Du Och Jag
Audio  MP3 5,32 MB / Video WMV 51,7 MB

Audio MP3 5,82 MB / Video WMV 32,6 MB

Heaven In The Real World
Audio MP3 5,18 MB / Video WMV 49,0 MB

Audio MP3 4,76 MB / Video WMV 34,6 MB

My Love Is Your Love
Audio MP3 6,12 MB / Video WMV 46,8 MB

Worlds Apart
Audio MP3 9,51 MB / Video WMV 90,7 MB

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Audio MP3 2,21 MB / Video WMV 16,2 MB

To The Moon And Back
Audio MP3 6,68 MB / Video WMV 39,2 MB

En Tåre
Audio MP3 6,55 MB / Video WMV 30,5 MB