Project 8

What is Project Eight?
It is the continuation of a previous fan project. For Project Seven, we asked fans to write true-life stories showing the ways Jenny has influenced our lives. That project resulted in the publication of Sing Me Forward in August 2018This next project, Project Eight, is a modification of that original idea. Once again, we want you to write a true-life story about a superstar. You can write a story about Jenny or the band. You can write a story about a friend, stranger, colleague — or even a story about yourself. Our world is full of natural superstars and we want to celebrate that! The people who read your work will also be fans, so think about the stories you can tell that connect back to Jenny or the band in some way. It can be a big, medium, or small connection.
I don’t know what story to tell.
You don’t need a to have a complete story right now. You only need some ideas. We will help you turn your thoughts and ideas into a narrative for other fans to read and enjoy.
What if I am not a writer?
You don’t have to be a writer by trade. All you need is a great idea and a willingness to write it down. You don’t need to have great grammar, perfect English, or flawless writing either. We will help you with the technical details during the editing process.
How do I sign up?
Send an email to and tell us you want to be a part of Project Eight. If you have a story idea right now, please tell us about it. If you don’t have a story idea yet, we can help. We will work together to help develop your ideas into a complete narrative.
What is the deadline?
There is no deadline right now. We will let participants know about specific deadlines later. Our aim is to get the first drafts until Christmas so feel free sending your ideas or first drafts as soon as they are ready so that we can starting working on your story together.
How long should my story be?
It can be any length you want. It can be a one page tale or a multi-page epic. Use as many words as you need to tell your story.
Will my story be in the book?
Your story will be considered, but not every story will make it into the book. We will select the best entries for the final product.
When will the book be published?
There is no set publishing date at the moment.
The Jenny Source Team

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