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2019/05/19 Launch of the new Website

Welcome to the new version of The Jenny Source. We will add some more little things from time to time, like pictures and videos. Meanwhile check out our Youtube channel or even better subscribe so that you won’t miss a clip we are loading up in the next weeks and months. You can also visit us on Facebook and Instagram.
2019/05/19 International Acermeeting / 30th anniversary

Since there are people who were asking for an IAM in Sweden to the 30th anniversary of the band we teamed up to do it. It‘s a long way to go, but every long way starts with a first step. So we want to know who would like to come to see what amount of effort we have to put into the project, start to set up a timeline etc. Please note that the date and the duration is not set yet. 😜 Anja, Jessi & Sara

Please let us know on Facebook or send a message to if you are interested.
2019/04/14 Pictures Gelsenkirchen

Pictures from the performance and meet and greet in Gelsenkirchen have been added – Gelsenkirchen
And don’t forget to check our YouTube channel for the videos of the performance and the meet and greet.
2019/02/17 Pictures Berlin

Pictures from the performance and meet and greet in Berlin have been added – Berlin
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